Online Healthcare Distribution Management

There’s no denying that the OTC health and personal care categories have a strong presence online. Consumers are able to find exactly what they need at the click of a button – but it’s ultimately up to the business to move goods from the online basket into the buyer’s hands to not only keep the customer happy, but ensure sales continue to move in the right direction too.

Here at Ceuta Healthcare, we offer distribution management services for your products, designed to keep this process moving for you and your business. We work with our logistics partner Alloga to offer a consolidated yet bespoke approach. We are focused on achieving strong KPIs through an integrated structure of forecasting, managing good in, ensuring that packaging, codes, weights and measures are loaded across customers to ensure smooth good in at the back door. We have worked with Alloga on a 4PL model for almost 20 years.

Why distribution matters

Distribution refers to moving goods in a smooth, timely and efficient manner from point of manufacture through to the end consumer. Our part in this chain is to ensure goods are in Alloga to meet anticipated demand from trade customers, and then to ship to retailers, wholesalers and online vendors in a way that meets their requirements. Meeting orders ‘on time’ and ‘in full’ is our priority. This allows continued supply on shelf to meet consumer demand which may be affected by seasonality, promotions or advertising. An empty shelf is money lost for the retailer, Ceuta / Alloga and you as the brand owner. It also leaves consumers frustrated that they cannot buy a product they want, and may switch them to another source. Therefore “100% supply” is often quoted as the most important issue for trade customers.

Distribution management that works for you and your business

At Ceuta Healthcare, we appreciate that time is of the essence. That’s why our experienced logistics team, working closely with you, with Alloga and with our sales managers, gets on with sorting out issues behind the scenes so that you can focus on the bigger picture.

We take the time to understand your business model to see exactly what kind of distribution management you would benefit from. We listen to you, your goals and the challenges you face to help us create, develop and implement strategies that will work for you.