Logistics And Distribution Services

Warehousing / Deliveries / Order Processing

In partnership with



Ceuta Healthcare provides a complete logistics and supply chain service. This can be tailored to individual requirements. Ceuta is able to manage production of product at the factory all the way through to receipt of cash from the customer.

To achieve this we have a team based in Bournemouth working closely with Alloga which is based in Derbyshire. Alloga provides Ceuta with a complete order to cash management service, reporting to us weekly ­ ensuring we can satisfy any requirements clients might have from us. Within Alloga there are a number of dedicated personnel working on the Ceuta account, including a customer service team that takes all our orders and deals with all the trade queries.

Alloga is a pre-wholesaler operation owned by Walgreens Alliance Boots which distributes health and beauty products to all trade channels in the United Kingdom.

Alloga offers a full line service:

  • Warehousing, deliveries, invoicing, debt management, customer services, IT support, benchmarking
  • Typically hold four weeks' stock based on weekly goods-in
  • Orders placed by Ceuta logistics management
  • Trade orders via EDI or fax to Alloga
  • Consignment arrangement
  • Order processing and daily sales order information reports
  • Credit control managed by Alloga.