Brand Fostering

Brand Fostering offers an opportunity and solution for manufacturers to outsource brands and to select a company to take total ownership and responsibility for the management and growth of the brand, whilst defending the brand equity.

Leading companies within our industry are benefiting from outsourcing non-core brands, markets or business activities to Ceuta's proven success model. Ceuta can:

  • deliver optimal portfolio management
  • halt the decline of unfocused brands
  • give you the opportunity to inject new life into a brand
  • increase equity by driving value back into the brand
  • assist in the retention of listings with National Accounts
  • enable your internal S&M departments time to focus on core brands
  • successfully launch your Rx switch by action as your OTC division
  • maximise ROI by delivering the infrastructure for your business.

Results you should expect include an increased brand share, increased and retained brand listings, increased profitability and commercial value, a re-established and rejuvenated brand.

If you would like to talk to someone about Brand Fostering then please contact us.

Learn more about our Brand Management expertise and Brand, Trade & Consumer Marketing capabilities of which include brand fostering arrangements, license agreements and managing brands from oversees partners.