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What makes a strong consumer insight?

Marketing strategies are always likely to experience an element of trial and error, but if a particular strategy isn’t working and simply fails to have the predicted impact, you may need to make changes to improve performance. Although there are several ways of doing this,…


Why is trade marketing important?

Prior to the 1990s, manufacturers held all the cards when it came to bringing a product to market and retailers simply had to deal with the process of displaying these products throughout their stores. It would then be a matter of prioritising certain products over…


How to extend the product life cycle

Whether your business sells new pharmaceuticals or state-of-the-art prosthetic limbs, fizzy drinks or customer relationship software, the constantly evolving nature of consumer trends and tastes, as well as ever-developing technological advances, mean that you have to be more innovative and creative than ever before when…


How to generate sales online

From healthcare to media, pharmaceuticals to retail, regardless of what industry your business operates in, the fact is that in the 21st century online sales are likely to play a key part in determining whether or not your business is successful. Taking your business online…


How to launch a product

Ask any modern entrepreneur and it’s likely they will tell you that the launching and marketing of a product is as paramount to its success as the product itself. When done in an effective manner, a product launch can increase revenue, improve the reputation and…


What happens if the product life cycle is not monitored?

As soon as a product is developed and released to market, it’s likely that the primary focus will be on the impact it has on consumers and how successful it is in terms of sales. While these are factors that any marketing team would be…


How to manage your online presence

In the healthcare industry, it’s crucial that you not only have a strong online presence but also possess a reputation that is compelling enough to encourage potential customers to pick you ahead of close competitors. Whether it’s a service relating to healthcare or products that…


What dictates good category management?

In any sector that requires products to be developed, marketed and sold to consumers, the company that creates the original product must communicate with a team of many different people including retailers and the consumer market, all while staying ahead of the competition. Whether it’s…

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