UK Food And Drink

Go2GroceryFood and drink outsourced sales management is independently focused and delivered through the Go2Grocery division of the Ceuta Healthcare Group. Go2Grocery specialises in grocery services, strategic outsourcing support within convenience, delivered wholesale, symbol, cash and carry and multiple key accounts. Our areas of focus are ambient grocery, confectionery, food, drinks, health and beauty, household goods, products and brands.

We position ourselves wholly as part of our clients' success chain and our single most important objective is the exceeding of client expectations. Whether it is SKU expansion into a new channel, new product distribution, effective promotional execution or overall category expansion and management, we have the skill set to make it happen whilst simultaneously offering a high quality return on investment.

Our management solution and strong relationships can help you to achieve your sales objectives in the UK multiples including:

  • Achievement of annual, quarterly and monthly sales targets
  • General business management of on-going development of brands
  • Full launch presentation for new listings
  • Negotiation of best terms and defence of margins
  • Implementation of account-specific promotion/marketing plan
  • Achievement of sales targets
  • Achievement of pre-determined account objectives
  • Maximised distribution
  • Optimum facings - best shelf positions
  • Appropriate location in store
  • Communication of activity
  • Response to account requests/directives/initiatives
  • Good multi-level contacts
  • Sales and forecast analysis
  • Regular contact reports
  • Input to client meetings

With the UK convenience sector being significantly diverse, a strategy that varies by sub-channel is a requirement of success. Through independent grocery, impulse and convenience, cash and carry, delivered wholesale, symbol groups, multiple convenience and major grocers we can deliver:

  • PLOF feature negotiations/category advertorials
  • Full launch presentations for new listings
  • Negotiation of best terms
  • Implementation of account specific promotion/marketing plan
  • Communication of activity
  • Car sell operations
  • Sales and forecast analysis
  • Regular contact reports
  • EPOS data analysis and strategy formulation
  • Achievement of pre-determined account objectives, maximised distribution and optimum facings
  • Best shelf position, appropriate location in store, well merchandised stock on C&C fixture, POS placement.

To find out more about what Go2Grocery can do for you please visit the website.