UK Brand Management

Launching Brands In The UK

Launching new brands in the UK requires identification of the market opportunity and a plan to achieve your goals.

Ceuta Healthcare applies a structured approach, establishing the correct platform, backed by credentials/research, working with you on pricing, margins and support to achieve a successful launch and a sustained life cycle.

Our approach is bespoke to your product and category. Key is trade marketing, identifying the correct trade channels, expanding distribution in phases, and working with range reviews in the national accounts. Each major customer requires a tailored approach which takes into account the range, promotional and educational opportunities.

Developing Brands In The UK

Allow Ceuta Healthcare to maximise the potential of your brand in the UK.

We have taken established ranges and challenged pack claims and design to ensure that consumers engage as best they can in their current environment ­ and as competitors in the category adapt.
We look for ways in which the brand can stretch, working with you on your ideas, or with other countries where their SKUs could suit the UK market.

We have switched products from POM to P and from P to GSL, both of which required a planned timetable of action as the benefits to the brand can be significant if executed successfully.

Or, very simply, we have brought focus to brands where the trade has not been engaged sufficiently and where a small amount of consumer activity has made a great difference.

If you are looking to develop your brand globally then please take a look at our Global Brand Management.

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