Training & Development

Sales and Marketing Development

Our clients are some of the largest and most successful FMCG companies in the world. With a commitment to enterprise and innovation, our experienced management team have built an enviable reputation for business creation and expansion. One key factor that allows us to stay ahead of the market is our structured training and development plans for our staff. Now we can offer you this service through New Life Training, a division of Ceuta Healthcare. We are an approved provider for the ILM (Institute of Leadership & Management) for endorsed awards. New Life Training is headed by Paul Young, supported by a highly experienced team of dedicated trainers.

Our background of sales and marketing development is largely selling business to business in the UK and in international FMCG markets. In order to succeed we invest heavily in the training and development of our employees. We have perfected our skills over time, delivering classic training programmes which encompass all aspects of business management and development, both in-house and to some of the world's leading organisations. The same key principles apply to the success of your business, Ceuta's executive development and training offer you the chance to benefit from our expertise and develop your own winning team.

New Life Training supports additional training programmes for the development of our people and for our external clients / partners around the world. We have focused on specific training needs for people and companies that are going through change and are preparing for tomorrow's market place. To find out more about New Life Training please visit their website

We believe these to be:

  • Management and leadership
  • Developing corporate culture and vision creation
  • Motivation
  • The sales platform
  • Creating a competitive and innovative commercial edge.

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