Ceuta Healthcare Training

In-house department to support and develop our talent

We have invested continually in best practice and training support for our staff with our own in-house training. We recognise that people are our most important asset and that our clients want the highest calibre of people to represent and manage their brands.

Ceuta has implemented a Ceuta Excellence Programme (CEP) designed to train and support the 'best practice' in sales.

All our staff are put through the CEP which measures and controls the performance of our team.

We continually monitor both the business and personal performance of every individual through classic sales training programmes which encompass all aspects of business management and development.

We have a number of other courses available for all our office support staff (such as Telesales, Marketing, IT, Finance, Analysts, Customer Services).  We also offer graduate placement programmes and trainee schemes for individuals with other qualifications.

Every employee who joins the Ceuta Group attends a comprehensive induction programme.