Sales Force Management

Ceuta Healthcare makes full use of a complete territory management and data collection input system, FieldStrike®. It takes care of all the work of presenting, order taking, transferring of orders to the wholesaler and sales reporting ­ allowing the territory manager to concentrate on selling. It also offers the ability for immediate analysis.

FieldStrike® is a flexible product, able to cope with any size of sales force or telesales operation. It has been designed specifically to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical transfer order market. FieldStrike® brings benefits to all ­ regional managers, territory managers, telesales, business analysts, customer services, customers/clients and the wholesalers fulfilling their orders.

  • Territory management
  • Journey planning
  • Sales presentations
  • Marketing and media support
  • Order processing
  • Merchandising activity
  • Monitor brand positioning
  • Distribution data
  • Marketing intelligence
  • Monitor siting of Point of Sale
  • Sales force reporting and analysis
  • Management reports
  • EDI