Reporting And Analysis

At Ceuta Healthcare we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of relations with our clients. One of the ways we do this is to measure our performance and results continuously ­ - demonstrating total transparency and control of your business whilst setting challenging and realistic performance targets.

Our Solution ­ The Scorecard Approach

Agreed in advance and used as an evaluational benchmark.

Customer Focus ­ develop activities that add value to each customer's business; develop a partnership with agreement of joint goals and strategies, providing professional expertise where appropriate, such as:

  • Agreed sales and distribution targets
  • Merchandising opportunities
  • Staff education and consumer communications
  • On-going performance levels and measurements.

People Excellence ­ maintain the highest standards of professionalism through the development of trained sales professionals who are keen to succeed and deliver results to exceed expectations:

  • On-going performance training and career development
  • Agreed overall standards of performance and criteria.

Communication ­ work with our clients and provide effective feedback based on individual requirements using FieldStrike to provide on-going factual, transparent reporting against agreed objectives:

  • FieldStrike ­ bespoke reporting
  • Agreed reporting timescales
  • Mode of communication.