What should you look for when selecting a partner to represent your brand and company?

Ceuta Partner Checklist

This is a critical and essential process to minimise your risk when you are putting your trust in an external company to manage and develop your brands.

We recognise that Ceuta needs to offer a competitive and affordable transparent commercial offering, as there are more demands on operating costs and retail margins for our clients. Therefore it is increasingly important for Ceuta to empathise with these issues whilst delivering exceptional results.

We invest in our people through our award-winning training company, supported by our HR department - ensuring that you have professional and committed management, sales and support personnel.

In order to assist in your selection of a trusted and proven partner, here is a checklist used by many health and beauty global businesses to establish first if prospective partners match the criteria for a first stage meeting.

Ceuta will not compromise on investment in its staff, back office support and the structure which support the success and development of your brands. Our commitment is to ensure you have 100 per cent focus. Our business has a proven track record of achieving this.

Finally, ALWAYS visit your partner's office to evaluate the back office support and structure and insist on a field visit.

Partner Checklist