About Ceuta

Ceuta Healthcare is the leading international outsource partner within health and beauty. We build brands, sell, market and distribute for client partners ranging from start-ups to large multinationals. Ceuta offers its expertise to deliver great results, bespoke and innovative solutions ­ adding value to our clients, making us an invaluable business partner.

We have an award-winning team and have been recognised as best employer, most innovative European company, and Investor in People.

Ceuta Healthcare Strategic Investment Partners are JCP and ASM.

The Partnership will enhance the support we offer to our clients and staff, meeting the needs and demands of our industry not just in the UK but on a global basis.

We will continue to expand our services both in the UK and internationally and our new partners, JCP, will be an involved and value-added investor and strategic partner to Ceuta’s management team.

Ceuta’s business ambitions will be greatly enhanced with our new partner and our values and culture will continue to thrive as they always have done.

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